Working Party 5th May


Reminder to all we have working Party Saturday 5th May scheduled between 10am and 1pm


Please bring:-


Club / Sledge Hammers, Crow / digging Bars, Post / Normal Spades, any other Post Tools.


For Secondary Objectives please – normal Wheelbarrows Tools Spades, rakes and hedging tools, loppers, strimmers etc.




Primary Objective


Replace Broken / Missing Plot Corner Marker Posts (4 per plot, Only to replace where required)


                We will split into Teams of approx. 3


                Replacement Posts to be collected from Container


                Site Map with plots Identified for work also to provided (If I can get Chance to Survey 1st !)




Secondary  Objectives


Access road Repairs


Central Road, level and fill ruts using turf cut from beside side road


Side Access Road, level and fill ruts using turf cut from side and use chippings to dress on top


General Tidy hedges / Boundaries



Dear all

As people are busy at the start of the new season just a reminder if people do wish to borrow equipment such as rotovators they are available for a small donation please contact the following people (Do copy your request to all contacts to avoid any delays). full details of Equipment loan can also be found in Members Information.

Andy Bomyer (Plot 30),               

Neal Smith (Plot 2),               

Mark Jones (plot 6),              

Peter Bradbrook,                   




It is now possible to borrow certain items of KALGA Machinery for a small donation. These include 2 rotavators, a petrol strimmer and lawn mower. for further Details see Article - KALGA Tools & Machinery.


Andy Bomyer

Please find below a link to the facebook page

To join the group you can either

1) Follow the link above and ask to join the group you will be accepted by an admin (at the moment Gordon, Julie or I)

2) Search for the group on facebook, it's called KALGA Kesgrave Allotment and Leisure Gardeners Association, request to join and you will be accepted by an admin.  Please do not join the old disused page which is called KALGA Kesgrave.

If you have any problems please contact call me. 









During 2016 the KALGA Allotment site has suffered a couple of major break-ins and many of our members with a shed onsite experienced damage and/or theft. All incidents have been reported to the police but allotment sites unfortunately are vulnerable and KALGA is not the only site that has been affected within the area.


Local Crime prevention has visited the site and advice is primarily - do not leave valuable tools or machinery onsite.


A number of members have a fitted a shed alarm, these battery powered devices are available online or from DIY stores at an average price of £10 - £20 and can act as an deterrent. If you are interested and would like to see one in action, I am happy to give a demo of the one I have installed, or approach any of your fellow members that you know have one.


Alternatively, a number of members have taken the approach of leaving no valuables at all in their sheds and not locking them, this avoids unnecessary damage from break-ins. A suggestion would then also be to place a sign on the outside of the shed stating “No tools or Valuable are kept in this shed”.


Finally as mentioned in a previous Newsletter, if you have  a more expensive item of machinery that you wish to leave on site, then by special arrangement and agreement to terms and conditions we will allow members to keep these within the Shipping Container.


If you wish to do this, please contact either:


                Andy Bomyer,                 

              Peter Bradbrook,   



Andy Bomyer