Working Party 5th May


Reminder to all we have working Party Saturday 5th May scheduled between 10am and 1pm


Please bring:-


Club / Sledge Hammers, Crow / digging Bars, Post / Normal Spades, any other Post Tools.


For Secondary Objectives please – normal Wheelbarrows Tools Spades, rakes and hedging tools, loppers, strimmers etc.




Primary Objective


Replace Broken / Missing Plot Corner Marker Posts (4 per plot, Only to replace where required)


                We will split into Teams of approx. 3


                Replacement Posts to be collected from Container


                Site Map with plots Identified for work also to provided (If I can get Chance to Survey 1st !)




Secondary  Objectives


Access road Repairs


Central Road, level and fill ruts using turf cut from beside side road


Side Access Road, level and fill ruts using turf cut from side and use chippings to dress on top


General Tidy hedges / Boundaries